When my son opened this Christmas present he laughed out loud! A human biology book with a squishy human body to dissect was just perfect for a 9 year old! It can't get better than that!

When I was a child I was not so fortunate. My science teacher used to kill darling little mice with ether, pin them to a board and then dissect them in front of his classes! I remember some kids being fascinated, but I certainly was not. I just couldn't get beyond the fact that I had just witnessed a cold-blooded murder! The idea of standing around watching while this man in his white coat cut open the tiny body frightened the life out of me. I certainly didn't want to see what was inside!

I learned absolutely nothing in these lessons, except that I would never make a surgeon, but I've never forgotten how scared I was. I wanted my son to have a much more pleasant experience of human biology but it had to capture his imagination by being a bit realistic too.

SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body has a body with squishy innards, which I think is ingenious. My son immediately got to work using the implements provided to pull out each organ and place it carefully on the special chart.

I love the size of the squishy human body it is bigger than I was expecting making it easy to handle the pieces. It's nice and colorful too. The organs are particularly realistic, for example you can pull the small intestine to see how long it is.

As a book about human biology for kids it is naturally very basic, but it does its job very well. It teaches where the organs are, their size, what they do, how to keep them healthy, and how muscle and bones protect them. It also has a book that is full of bite-sized information about the organs and is illustrated with bright pictures, real photos, and diagrams. That's a lot of science lessons covered!

Taking the body apart and putting back together again is quite an experience. You can play at being a doctor and we have played Dr Frankenstein many times too! My son immediately started performing an 'operation'. It’s great for Halloween too!

As for me I became a teacher and I am an animal welfare fanatic!

Image Credit: Biology for kids SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body copyright 2013 adventuretravelshop

These kids are so sweet!

Watch how hard they are working!

A quick glimpse at the books and boxes.

Here he is in his full glory!

Being dissected with the tweezers and pliers that come with the toy.

Out comes the intestine - small and large!

Wow have you seen the size of the lungs!

Left with the bare bones and skin.

And finally the brain. Well worth waiting for.

The completed chart.

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Did you have a good experience of biology lessons when you were at school? What do you think of this book/toy? Please leave a comment. Thanks so much for your visit.