Okay. I admit it. I’m a trekkie. No, make that a Trekkie with a capital T. If you bring up Klingons or the Delta quadrant or the multiple uses of duranium, I can guarantee we’ll be talking for hours.

So of course, when it comes to birthday or Christmas, my family and friends always turn to Star Trek gifts. And while I love anything Star Trek, my most treasured gift is the Star Trek communicator badge I got this Christmas. I mean, I love my Enterprise pizza cutter and my star trek coasters, but my badge makes me feel like I’m actually a part of the crew. I wear it everywhere, even to bed.

There’s many badges out there but this one is special because it was molded from an actual badge used on the Star Trek The Next Generation set (Dude, it’s an exact replica!!! Whoohoo!). It’s not made of cheap plastic that will chip or break and paints that will wear off. No, this is made of strong metal with a gold and silver finish. Plus I don’t have to worry about leaving pin holes in all my shirts because it attaches with a strong magnet. (and don’t be turned off by the magnet. This magnet is super strong and the back is large so you don’t have to worry about losing it.).

The only negative thing I can say about this badge is that it’s a little bit heavy. When I wear it with a plain t-shirt, it pulls it down a bit. But at least I know it’s high quality!

Check me out!

Check me out!

Okay, so this video doesn’t really have anything to do with this communicator badge. However, any true Star Trek fan will absolutely love it!

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