Seeing this Spirograph Deluxe Design Set brought back many a memory., No, more than that, it started a whole chain reaction of memories. All the classic designs we use to make with colors into geometric shapes.. Did we know we were learning math skills and exercising our most amazing brains? Oh no, we did not.

Our smart parents discovered real quick they needed a deluxe set with extra paper, wheels, pens, well, you get it, everything.

Now, you have to understand, three sisters, very close in age, tend to be quite competitive. So, yea, if one girl got her beautiful art displayed, there had better be room for at least two more. Nope, one of us with crayons, another with paints, didn’t work that way with us.

We had to be working from the same elements to sit down together and create our masterpieces. We agree our most favorite part was, no two ever looked a like. Ever. We loved that. Well, I certainly did.

Even when we followed the pattern, which of course, we never did, exactly. Had to try it with a different color, just had to. Many a rainy hour was spent filling up our little sketch books with marvelous curves and color.

No, we did not know that in the beginning it was used for calculating technical curves. Nor did we know that drawing toys have been around since 1908. Or that these gears, triangles, rings and interlocking bars could teach us something about math. (from Wikipedia)

All we knew was to keep the pen in the shapes and moved them about the page. The magical creativity multiplied when our Mom showed us how big of a picture we could make together, joining our wheels, triangles, circles and curves..

Thanks, Mom and Dad for those colorful, creative memories.

Our smart parents discovered real quick they needed a deluxe set with extra paper, wheels, pens, well, you get it, everything. Yes, greedy little color specialist I was, I admit it. My pictures were not done until every color had been used at least once. Such a fun challenge that was, and still is to doodle, play, and create with colorful gel pens.

Sometimes the ink colors bleed a bit or don't work quite as expected. In my experience it depends on the size of the wheels, pen holes, papers and projects. Overall for the value, a quality set.

Color is magic.

What in the World is a Spirograph anyway?

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Of course the deluxe set is my favorite. It has the most colors and its own carrying case. Sweet and happy, just like that.

Mom said I had to share this video because it's the commercial she saw that got her hooked. Here you go Mom. Thanks for getting us one and now bringing back a family tradition.

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